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My Hat Fetishes 
02:12pm 25/11/2008
mood: curious
I'll confess I have a bit of a fetish for certain kinds of hats, such as sombreros, Aussie slouch hats, and ranger/campaign hats, particularly the last kind, perhaps because they have a bit of a phallic connotation. Anyone feel the same way about these particular kinds of hats?

hat sex.

awesome hats on ebay 
12:13pm 14/03/2005
  olive green fedora aaaaa

black with feather, i want it


knox derby, which kicks ass

1 // hat sex.

01:36pm 12/03/2005

While having a conversation with joecifur about the awesomeness that is a vintage fedora, we wondered if there was a livejournal community that was dedicated to hats. To our utmost dismay, there wasn't-- but now there is! A place for people to love and cherish their hats to the fullest extent that the internet may allow! Feel free to post pictures of yourself wearing hats (or just pictures of your hats), discuss hat-related topics, post any ebay hat-findings or hat companies or whatever your little heart may desire. We share in your love for hats.

Or maybe you are looking for that particular hat-- sure, post that here today. Maybe someone has seen it on the internet for sale somewhere. Perhaps you'd like to show off that derby you stole from yuor grandfather when he wasn't looking-- we won't call the police on you! We love your hats.

I am your mod, Kelsey, and if you need anything my contact information is at youthculture. Happy hatting!

hat sex.